mercoledì 3 gennaio 2018

Test - TempestRAM receive signal from clock bus RAM with HackRF and 3 PC

Receive radio signal from bus of Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory DDR2 desktop an DDR3 desktop and notebook with single and dual channel. HackRF One, RF Analyzer and Andoid phone use to receive, display signal and record video.
Details of ram technology

First PC:

frequency of bus: 400.3 Mhz
Channel: Single
Ram: DDR2 2Gb
Number of bank: 1 (1x2Gb)
Timings: Not Overclock, default
Computer: Desktop

Second PC:

frequency of bus: 824..2 Mhz
Channel: Dual
Ram: DDR3 16Gb
Number of bank: 4 (4x4Gb)
Timings: XMP Overclock
Computer: Desktop

Third PC:

frequency of bus: 665.1 - 669.0 Mhz
Channel: Dual
Ram: DDR3 8Gb
Number of bank: 2 (2x4Gb)
Timings: XMP Overclock
Computer: Notebook

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