martedì 14 marzo 2017

Test on Android decoder EPIRB Distress Radiobeacon 406Mhz (Digital) only. App name "Décodage de balises de détresse 406MHz (F4EHY)"

App name "Décodage de balises de détresse 406MHz (F4EHY)", link

Using the audio file to test audio decoder:

If you want to try it with a SDR radio, just leave the app on and the receiver set to the frequency of 406Mhz without external audio interference (you can best the receiving technique with minor modifications and devices, the use of an audio adapter for the mobile phone in order to split the microphone and headphones in order to reinsert the sound from the headphone into the microphone (note that an additional modification might be required with resistances to overcome audio bug due to various Android OS smartphone or various versions or standard audio)).
Second option of test, transmit the audio signal with an FM transmitter at low cost (look in my video) and try to decode via rtl-sdr radio.

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