sabato 30 gennaio 2016

What you can do with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and various device?

What you can do with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and various device?

I report a list of peripheral devices and anything else that can be interfaced to Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+.

Soon I will publish the test device that has not been published previously.

List of  device in the photos:

- USB to Serial port Adapter
- USB to parallel port Adapter
- USB to FTDI – UART Adapter
- USB to PS2 Adapter
- PS2 to old seral port mouse Adapter
- PS2 to AT Keyboard connector (DIN 5) Adapter
- Mini IDE 2.5 / IDE 3.5 / SATA to USB with externa power Adapter to IDE/ SATA connector Adapter
- Various harddisk IDE / SATA
- Various CD / DVD 3.5 / 2.5 IDE / SATA /Slim IDE
- Slim CD-ROM IDE (ATA) Adapter-Laptop,Server SlimLine mini 4
- USB floppy drive
- USB to LAN 10/100 Adapter
- USB to sim reader Adapter
- DB9 to DB25 Adapter
- Trendnet USB high power Bluetooth Adapter
- Dongle SDR / DVB / FM / RDS / ADS-B / AIS / APRS / AFSK / Cubesat / Low coast satellite and many other type of radio communication.
- Home made few euro Miracle Whip Clone Antenna
- DVB antenna
- FM antenna
- Indoor DVB-T amplifier antenna
- USB to microsd Adapter
- Pen drive 16gb with miniUSB and USB connector
- USB hub with an eternal power supply
- cable USB male to USB male
- USB female to USB female Adapter
- Kit with various USB to connector Adapter
- USB Car Power Adapter
- USB AAA / AA battery charger
- USB extension cable low
- Low Loss USB Extension Cable
- Card Reader USB with miniUSB and USB connector
- MicroSD reader
- MMC card 1gb
- SD card 2gb
- Microsd card 16gb
- Various Audio / Video cable RCA / S-Video / SCART / Composite
- SCART to S-video Adapter
- S-Video to component Adapter
- 3.5MM Earphone jack TO RCA Composite AV AUDIO/VIDEO CABLE FEMALE
- Standard solderless breadboard
- various cable to connect Standard solderless breadboard
- USB to pinout direct cable

Photo of  full device list: 

Detail photos:

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